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Old 06-25-2020, 10:36 PM
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ABS help please?

Ok, background. Bought a 2006, F-250 crew cab, short bed, Lariat FX4 with a 6.0. 118,000 miles, ran it for a couple thousand, ABS light comes on randomly. Check the code, Rear Wheel speed sensor. Ok, no biggie....I will put it on my list. Doing front brakes, I noticed the drivers side front wheel bearing is DONE! Tighen lugnuts, wheel wobbles all over. Order new hub assemblies (might as well do both sides while I got the money to do them....) and new 4wd lockouts (They were f'ed too). Had the shop down the street throw the frontend together and they called me. "It's throwing a code for both front ABS sensors, they are hooked up right, and since you supplied the parts, it aint our problem. Come get your truck." Awesome. At this point, if the truck hits a bump, I lose the speedometer, and the ABS light comes on. I order two new sensors, and while they are shipping, I lose the speedo altogether. It dont even try anymore. Awesome. So, I replace both ABS sensors (Drivers side was cut in half by the rotor, last time I am going to that shop....they suck.) And no change. Replaced the rear diff VSS and nothing changed. ABS fuse is good, all 3 sensors are brand new. I am a patient man, but this truck is pushing the limits.

Any of you guy got a clue whats wrong with my truck?????
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2006 F-250 Super Duty Lariat FX4
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