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I didnt say that the code means that the head gasket are bad!!
You need to read better.

And I know the The EGR Valve has nothing to do with the code. But if the Turbo is clogged And it has no power and the Vanes can not move. And the computer is trying to move them and it can't the computer is going to take that as a p0046.

So the turbo is clogged!! what can cause that ??? well a oil with carbon in the exhaust, that would be the turbo oil seals bad. but it most likely smoke if that was it.
OR OR a EGR valve open And if the valve is open and the turbo is clogged and its a 6.o its mostly mixed with coolant. and that would be heads or EGR cooler.

Its not hard. take the 2 bolts out and pull the EGR out. not really a bad thing to do to a 6.0 ever year or so just to look at. is it wet or Dry?? if its try and closed. Put it back in and look at the VGT solenoid And its wiring.
If its wet. Put a PSI gauge and a T in the small hose that goes in the top of the side of the coolant tank. [ make sure your coolant cap is good. There know for going bad] and go for a ride. if you dont see the PSI go over 16lb your good. If you do see go above 16lb and then goes down that the cap blowing off. then you have a head gasket problem or the EGR cooler is bad.

Your right blacksnapon 6.0 do get a bad rap. they get one because there know for blowing head gasket.EGR cooler, oil coolers,water pumps,and the housing,the coolant being junk,and Blowing the fitting out of the high psi pumps and a ton of other things.
Yea there not a good engine. and ive have fix a ton of them.

As for you copy and past from alldata. that's a good one.

The codes are not allways the problem there just there to point you in the right way.
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