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LEB - George v4.0

Well, I just finished the engine so I guess I might as well continue the build here in the offroad forum.

Engine build

79 F250 521/c6/205 60/60 4.56 detroits front and rear.

First things first. Getting ready for v4.0.

4" 77.5-79 front springs -

Safety first kids

Get that junk out of there

4" 99-04 Super Duty gas springs vs 4" 77.5-79 250 springs

ORU zero rates 1.5" forward position

4.5 vs 6 shackles

Drill out your front hangers for a 18x130mm bolt

Bolt it up. Its just that easy

U bolt flip since youve got the axle out

Make a front receiver hitch while youre at it

New trans crossmemeber

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Disclaimer: Kids, mixing high strength pain killers and alcohol is very, very bad for you. Don't do it. If you do, tell your parents Kris (STG) told you about it.
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