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Fuse keeps blowing......???

I've got a 6.0 PS Diesel which for the most part I've taken immaculate care of. That said, I think I might've knocked something loose offroad a few weeks ago. Since then, FUSE #27 (15amp) which is the "Ignition Switch Run feed", keeps blowing.

I'll switch it out and everything works fine but only for about 5-7 starts, then it blows out again. (This blowout causes: (1) blinker to fail after about 3 starts; (2) reverse sensor/beeper to stop after about 5 starts; and (3) A/C to only blow out of defroster vent after about 5 starts.) As soon as I ppop in the new 15amp fuse, everything works fine again.

You guys have any suggestions? While I can easily keep switching out the fuses, this is only a 'bandaid' for something bigger that's wrong, plus I dont want an even bigger problem. I'd really rather avoid going to a dealership and having to drop big buck$ for something that I might be able to fix myself. Thanks much.
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