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Originally Posted by dustybumpers View Post
clean the electrical connections

crimp them so they aren't loose
That sounds like a good possibility. I just didn't want to have to pull that metal retaining clip back out again as it came out damaged last time, forcing a new motor pump purchase.

Any suggestions on removing the retaining clip holding the motor pump into its reservoir molding point without damaging it? I think Chilton showed me the way to put it in securely (a deep socket of the right size, pushing the retaining clip in once level and flush).

This was after a lot of attempts trying to install it with just some delicate scribe/flat-head screw driver attempts which never seated it enough and would cause the pump's pressure to shoot it out when activating the washer fluid from the cab. Of course, if the motor had been installed while the resrvoir was completely removed, this probably wouldn't have been an issue.
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