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Question Cannot Detect Cylinder #


This is where I'm at with my 1992 4.9L Automatic F-150 EO4D tranny truck.

I wanted to start this out because we replaced the ECM/EEC-IV and got rid of the problems. A new catalytic converter/air tube fixes the other known issue and we're down to a code problem.

When plugged into a machine for the KOER test, it will not get to the rev-up part of the test. It stalls after the initial temperature, turn off, 10 second wait, turn on engine running. Do those things and hit ENTER/CONTINUE on the test and it will give the following printout and stall on the test for as long as you leave the machine on or do not back out of the test. (30+ mins later, same reading with no progress).

"Cannot Detect Cylinder #"

Any ideas on how to fix this and get the KOER working so we can pull the codes -- Engine Check Light is still illuminating infrequently during normal operations.
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