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The Lost Coast Expedition was a fun off the beaten path trip on the Northern California Coast. Before we do the recap, the participants and the ROC team would like to thank all the fire fighters out there who were fighting the wild fires in Northern CA. The hotel we stayed at the night before the event was about 3/4 fire fighters resting to go back out to fight the fires.

See all the images on the web album at

See our video highlights of this laid back adventure

On to the recap: The group was up bright and early to go over the drivers meeting and pass out all the decals and boxed lunches. After a quick meeting the group headed off to hit the first trail that led from the valley up and over the mountain range to the ocean.

Once we hit HWY 1 we turned north toward the planned stops and the rest of the trails. Along the way we made a restroom stop to give people a chance to relax. Somehow, a bench turned into a surfboard to win one of the achievement decals.

After the restroom stop, we made a stop at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse for lunch and to check out the sights. We got some great shots of the lighthouse using the drone, as the weather was perfect.

From the lighthouse, we made a quick stop for fuel and headed to the winery. The winery has some amazing grounds to hang out at and just relax. Most of the group partook in the sampling of the vineyards different blends. From what I heard, everyone loved the wines, but more importantly enjoyed the wine bong (the thing that wine is poured into to aerate it).

After a short drive from the winery we hit the long section of the trails. Turning up Usla Road we headed towards the beach stop to let people put their feet in the ocean. Since it was the end of the camping season, few people were there and we only had one car to navigate by on the way.

Most of the group parked and walked to the beach once we arrived to avoid the chance of getting stuck. The few of us that braved the beach had a little fun kicking the sand up, though we had to make sure not to slow down as this was deep sand and you could easily get stuck.

After some fun on the beach we headed up the trail on the long section of dirt. Mid way through we ran across a fallen tree. Of course the time I didn’t bring the chainsaw we needed it. Luckily we were able to navigate around the log and continue on the rest of the trail.

Because we were having so much fun we got off the main trail section later than planned. Instead of chancing the last half of the trail we turned to the 101 freeway and headed to Eureka. After 50 minute drive we reached Eureka and the Lost Coast Brewery. Everyone was tired after a LONG day - 255 miles from start until end.

The next morning we lost a few people who wanted to go direct to the Avenue of the Giants. The rest of the group headed to the shorter section of trail we missed the day before to get all the dirt miles in we could.

After a morning playing on the last section of trails, the group stopped for lunch in an unknown small town. The lunch stop was good and the locals were, let’s say colorful. After lunch, half the group headed home and the other half hit the Avenue of the Giants.

This was a different change of pace than the usual desert runs. Those who went on the trip had a blast and felt a sense of accomplishment after Saturday’s marathon day. As always, thank you to those who came, and see you on the next trail run.

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