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fatherdoug 05-18-2018 11:40 AM

Just Passed My 10 Year Anniversary
I joined this site on May 4, 2008, so I am celebrating 10 years. This site has done a lot for me. I have gained some friends, a whole bunch of knowledge from people willing to share that knowledge, had some big laughs, and most of all, felt like I belonged to something.

Thank you, FTF! Forums aren't what they used to be, but I hope this site carries on.

LEB Ben 05-18-2018 11:59 AM

Well would ya just look at that. Crazy to think it's been that long. I've known some of you guys longer than actual friends, and probably closer to some of you real friends. It's an odd dynamic considering a lot of us have never met face to face.

fatherdoug 05-18-2018 01:27 PM

Good choice of words, Ben. "Odd Dynamic". I have put a couple faces to names.

dustybumpers 05-18-2018 01:49 PM

Congrats on 10 years.
I'm right behind ya
I do enjoy the forum, and hope it continues to keep on
I too have made some good "faceless friends" here.

fatherdoug 05-18-2018 02:03 PM

Thank you, Charlie. Congrats on yours also.

LEB Ben 05-18-2018 02:39 PM

By the way...given the date and my propensity for 73-79 trucks...I'm gonna say you were part of the big recruitment exodus after my banishment, right??? We had this Gen Con and 6th gen section rocking for a good many years.

fatherdoug 05-18-2018 03:04 PM

I was. Dennis(Mil1ion)(RIP) invited me to jump ship. 73-79 are still my favorite generation, given their lack of modern necessities. I still get offers to buy my '78, but I keep turning them down. I trust you still have "Red"?

polarbear 05-18-2018 08:11 PM

Dang- congrats! 11 1/2 years here. Didn't realize it was that long.

TheBandit 05-18-2018 09:25 PM

I feel like such a newbie....

kiwi f150 05-18-2018 10:51 PM

Congratulations Doug ..... i too have learnt a lot from the guys here and have had more than a few laughs along the way. You're right in saying that forums just aren't what they used to be and i'm guilty of not putting the time in here like i used to - just going to keep reminding myself to check in a lot more often.

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