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Big_Texxan 09-18-2015 07:23 PM

my 66 eff series
Hey, been on here for a while. Ive owned the 66 for a little over 2 weeks now.
This is how it sat for over a year at my buddys house. I traded a Motorcycle I restored for this truck.

Its a decently solid truck, I have the origional door, and such.

First thing I did was ripped out the wood slats and trim in the bed. The axle had been welded upside down (which explains the PO not being able to hook the driveshaft and parking brakes up) so the axle was ripped out, new axle perches ordered and old taken off the axle. The brakes got torn down, and the axle was just torn down tonight.

Progress is slow right now, as im waiting for parts and weather hasnt been the best.

I got the leaf spring bushings as the leafs are good, all new brakes are awaiting installation, and the rear end parts are on order. Tomorrow the bed comes off and some frame clean up will happen.

I am wild in my designs, and I had the rendering for this truck done before I even had it. Ill have updated pictures tomorrow. But Im hoping most things dont need replacing, I mean the god damn thing has 59xxx original miles!!!

More pics to come, and questions will arise

kiwi f150 09-18-2015 07:56 PM

Looks like a great start you've got there.

Big_Texxan 09-19-2015 03:42 PM

it is. Im looking for a transmission and bellhousing for my 351, then ill check compression and give it a mild build, then drop it in the truck
got my sheet metal from work. It came off a 2003 Dodge ram long bed, the metal is the same thickness, so once I start my body work ill be able to make any patch panels I may need instead of buying them. The goal is to buy only a tail gate and make the rest of the patches myself.

The rear end is also torn down. The outter axle shaft bearings are in great shape. The bearings for the pinion, the seals, and the inner axle bearings all have some play, so those will be replaced. The pinion bearings and seals have already been pressed out.

The origional door also got stripped down today as its not salvagable. Bondo chunks 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick are falling off it already.

here is the ID plate too, if someone could run that for me and let me know what it means?

I should have my brake drums back today, and should have all my bearings in it and have the axle and rear end rebuilt this week.

Going to relocate my gas tank, and the plan is to also use a 1966 Mustang tank, and fit it between the frame rails, and hide the filler neck somewhere. Anyone done this or have any ideas? Id like to stay away from cutting into the bed, but I dont mind if I have to. I hope to run it out the side or rear of the bed, but we will see once the tank is here.

DNFXDLI 09-19-2015 05:39 PM

Cool project!

According to my 1966 book, if I am decoding properly..

A.............240cid 6cyl
N.............Norfolk assembly
816088.....Feb 1966
115..........115" wheelbase
3..............Green vinyl interior
81............Conventional cab
C..............3 spd Ford light duty transmission
05.............4.11 3300# axle
DSO...District Sales Office...number doesn't jibe with my book....sez the "90's" are export...DSO codes in book go from 11 to 89
If I'm off on any of this stuff, I am sure Bill (BKW) will correct it

amkatt1 09-19-2015 06:16 PM

Can't wait to see this project completed :)

Fellro 09-20-2015 08:53 AM

If you are not intending to use it as a hauler, then you could make and access door in the wood in the bed for the fuel fill. Otherwise not a lot of options that don't involve cutting into the bed.

Big_Texxan 09-20-2015 09:32 PM

Thanks guys. I got the gas tank and the parking brake cables ordered since the old ones were not too good. The passenger side had frayed and split, and someone took some hose and zip tied it around the broken strands to keep them from hanging loosely. I should have my tank and cables tomorrow.

I didnt get anything done today as Im always working side jobs and such. Had a co-admin for another place bring his R6 bike for some welding and other minor things over to my place, and I felt like taking a lazy sunday. My truck is on the right

Big_Texxan 09-24-2015 06:54 PM

update. no work this week, lost a friend and weather has been s****y. i did get my parking cables and gas tank, so maybe this weekend if I dont work on another vehicle I have or have customers blowing me up. I work, and run my own business. This is always the last thing or stress reliever.

BKW 09-30-2015 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by DNFXDLI (Post 664686)
According to my 1966 book, if I am decoding properly..

F10 = F100 2WD

A = 240 1V I-6.

N = Norfolk VA Assembly Plant.

816088 = 1966, assembled Feb 1966.

115" wheelbase.

COLOR code: Blank *

F101 = F100 2WD .. 4200 lbs. GVWR

381: 3 = Medium Green Crush Vinyl & Medium Green Wicker Pattern Vinyl / 81 = 81A Conventional Standard Cab.

C = Ford type 3.03 3 speed Manual all Syncromesh Transmission.

05 = Ford 9" Rear Axle / 4.11-1 / 3300 lbs. Rear Axle Capacity.

4,200 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

129 net HP @ 4000 RPM

DSO: 212699:

21 = Atlanta GA Ford District Sales Office, where the original selling dealer ordered the truck from.

2699 = Domestic Special Order number, truck ordered special by original purchaser, not "bought off the lot."

If I'm off on any of this stuff, I am sure Bill (BKW) will correct it

* When there is no COLOR code stamped on the Warranty Plate, truck painted a non standard color per the original purchasers order, making it a Domestic Special Order.

DNFXDLI 10-03-2015 07:10 PM

Thanks Bill...still learning!

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