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fordgirl 10-05-2017 07:11 PM

Timing chain cover
1995 f150 5.8l 258k

Hey guys! I just replaced the water pump and wouldn't you know, now the timing cover is leaking! I plan to tear it all apart but now I want to make sure I don't miss anything. I ordered a seal kit from rock auto:
The dealership said the part number is F3TZ6020A and it appears to be the right gasket.

This is literally the last part in the cooling system that I haven't replaced, getting tired of this 😭

Any suggestions or helper hints would be great!

dustybumpers 10-06-2017 05:50 AM

Make sure to put a rag in the front of the oil pan when you are cleaning gaskets off everything. All that crap goes down in there, and ends up in the pick up screen

Weather stripping glue on the gaskets works best to glue them on, you can move them around a little bit to where you want them

Permatex all the corners. it needs to ooze out when you push the parts together

DON'T drop anything in the pan

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