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m3dragon 12-07-2014 09:39 PM

Pyramid Lake - Oct 2014 - trip report
Saturday October 10th a group of 4 Raptors set out to scout a section of trails near Pyramid Lake and to find one member’s family plot in the desert. Along the way the group made stop at the Moon Rock OHV area to take a group photo, a dry lake bed to have some fun and “defend” the group against killer rocks, Sail Rock, and an abandon Uranium mine.

The total mileage covered for the day was 132 miles from start to finish. About 70% of the trail was fast paced and fun while the other 30% was a mix of slow rock crossing, wash out ruts and or anything else that can slow a Raptor down.
This was a great bunch of owner to spend the day with and for myself I look forward to organizing and meeting more owners soon on the trail.

Route and alternates of the trip have been posted to the Raptor Trail Project here

Pyramid Lake west page

IMAGES of the Excursion below:

Two of us up WAY to early making the trek up to Reno to meet the other two raptors.

Fuel top off and meeting point to pick up the other two raptors for the trail. We were about a hour behind what we wanted to hit the trail but is what it was.

Hitting the trail. Let the adventure begin

First official stop for the group was Moon Rocks OHV. This had some really cool rock formations and areas we could park the trucks for some group photos.

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From the OHV park we made our way to the next photo stop and lunch location near a dry like bed. The trail was about 50% fast till the last half when it got a tad rocky and slow. This still was a fun trail to get to the lake bed.

After lunch we headed to the dry lake where one of the members of the group had a family land plot. This was a 10 acre parcel in the middle of no where but the drive there and back was fun across the dry lake. Images of the group at parcel.

The stop at the land plot was the furthest out the group was going so the rest of the trek would take us home. One of the trails we explored turned out as we called it "every button trail". This trail made you use every button in the truck from 4x4 low, hill decent, locking diff and so on. This trail was a absolute gem out of no where. To get to the trail you went up a 18 degree climb where we got a group image.

On this trail we found a cool rock formation called "Sail Rock". The images don't do it justice but if you are a rock person this was a very interesting rock formation that just sprang out of no where.

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After the photos at Sail Rock we tested alternate route noted on our maps to see how feasible the trails were. This section had some extreme angles, climbs and descents. All of which were incredibly fun. Some more exploring is needed to see if it loops out as there was a map vs reality issue but even as a down and back was awesome.

The last destination stop for the group was an abandon uranium mine. The trail leading to the mine turn off was made for the raptor. A few short slow sections but for the most part, it was why we bought raptors. Make rooster tails in the dirt why flying across the terrain. When we got to the mine we were not sure if it was mapped correctly. We had to walk to the edge of the hill to see the map point and sure enough there it was. The office building needs a little TLC and the mine had a great sign that said "keep out, we will find you".

After some more miles of trail we ended back near where we started. This was a great day and hopefully we are able to get back out there again to find some new trails to the loop.

1970Custom 12-07-2014 10:01 PM

Gorgeous country... Thanks for showing...

fatherdoug 12-07-2014 10:02 PM

Is that the Uranium mine in the pictures?

m3dragon 12-07-2014 10:07 PM

Yes the mine is the Uranium mine in the last images

DNFXDLI 12-07-2014 10:11 PM

Great pics and post!

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