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Rankings for CaFordDude
Game Score Rank Times Played High Score Age
4 Wheel Madness N/A N/A 120 N/A
Asteroids N/A N/A 135 N/A
Breakout N/A N/A 93 N/A
Deer Hunt N/A N/A 35 N/A
Drag Race N/A N/A 162 N/A
Drunk Driver Championship N/A N/A 294 N/A
Hexxagon N/A N/A 142 N/A
Highway Patrol N/A N/A 55 N/A
Moon Lander N/A N/A 126 N/A
Simon N/A N/A 64 N/A
Snake N/A N/A 777 N/A
Space Invaders N/A N/A 74 N/A
Tetris N/A N/A 211 N/A
Tire Man N/A N/A 96 N/A
Player Details for CaFordDude
1st Place Finishes: 0
2nd Place Finishes: 0
3rd Place Finishes: 0
Top Ten Finishes: 0
Total Games In Arcade: 14
Total Games Played By 0
Total Games Played: 2384

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